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call it voting with your feet. they're walking out. we can't strike or do job actions. so the only way to send a leave. >> the mayor says the city has fewer officers than 10 years ago. the budget increased and the city needs to rain in those costs. san jose voters support read form measures. the union says it did not anticipate the experiodus it's aggressive fiscal reform. >> police trying to find a serial rapist in richmond. >> the rapist changed his appearance when he forced a woman into his car. the next reported attack was on november toth. he followed a woman trying to coax her into his car. police say he forced a woman into the car and attacked her at knife point. witnesses say he's driving a white sedan, similar to a nissan altima. it may have a child seat in the back. >> police say a teenager on the run two months is under arrest after a shooting this, this was the scene on september poth. a red dodge charger ran off the road and went into the bushes in belmont. police say the 18-year-old is under arrest. he's accused of shooting at three people, still trying to figure out if t
many tragedies and says meaningful action needs to be taken to prevent incidents like it regardless of the politic autos abc 7 news viewers expressing condolences to those touched by the tragedy on our face book page, we invite to you share your thoughts. >> but it's very difficult to express with words how devastating this tragedy is. >> yes. wayne freedman shows us the moments of raw emotion today, between headlines. >> this is the day when the names sandy hook elementary school and newtown, connecticut changed forever. once obscure, they're now infamous. >> like you, you know, you read it in the paper and see it in the news, you're like, oh, my god, then, you heard something happened close to home. it's like... i think i'm still in shock. >> but relieved shock as difficult as this story is too believe, imagine living it. learning your child's fate in bits and pieces. >> my neighbor heard gunshots. and then, i just said to her don't worry. she said no. i called the school, no one answered. >> someone came into the room and shotju4u a teacher. that is all i know. sorry. >> i just
esteban quote show nod signs of remorse and that her actions were oh, just without remorse. >> at the least we don't have to deal with this part another 20 years. >> a judge sentencedj6o gisele esteban to 25 years to life for the murder of michelle le then, dumping body in pleasanton calling her actions cold blooded and premeditated. >> we felt she meltfelt no remorse, just stared at our family with a blank stair. >> michelle's brother broke down as he talked about his sister, plans for her life, and how she wanted to follow in their late mother's footsteps to become a nurse. those dreams ended the day the 26-year-old went missing from a parking garage in hayward. the le family's worst fears confirmed when, after weeks of searching her decomposed body was found in a remote area. today, the family is trying to heal, hoping words will be remembered many years from now in 2029 when the killer could be up for parole. >> we justdrt@z want to know how unique the case was. to give a face to this case. >> gisele esteban brother and sister left the courtroom without talking. ment ju
that cares for severely disabled patient who is are not bedridden, but live on the premise. the action comes after a series of reports about abuses and lax investigations at the facility, which abc7 news and its media partner, california watch, exposed exposed this past year. they include an incident in the fall of last year, where a dozen patients at the center had been tasered. the office of protective services, the facility's internal police force, discovered a taser gun in the car of a staff member. he was later fired. but no criminal charges were filed against him or anybody else. decertification would mean the loss of tens of millions of dollars in medicaid funding for the program. the department of developmental services says it will appeal the decision, as it strives to make changes in the program. during the appeals process, the sonoma center can remain open, as it continues to receive federal funding. >> an all clear was given after two cupertino schools were closed due to a bomb threat. this morning, graffiti was discovered at lynbrook high school. >> that referenced a bomb square
'll act in a way that is designed if he says we can say one line swrerks to take action. >> san francisco mayor is supporting gun control following killings in newtown, connecticut. >> what the mayor is planning. >> happening san francisco, the mayor just announced he'll support local legislation to try to reduce gun violence, on january 15th one supervisor will introduce two pieces of legislation first would add ammunition, like hollow point bullets which cause great bodily injury. second states if you buy 500 or more rounds of ammo it will be reported to police at the time of purchase, ed lee says he's behind both of them. mayor lee says he will reach out to other bay area mayors to ask them to support similar plans to ban assault weapons. a buy back program yielded several hundred rifles and other weapons. a memorial was held for a 17-year-old killed over the weekend.w#?a the san francisco archdiocese organized that event. according to city officials there have been 67 homicides so far in san francisco this year. last year, there were 50. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> a number of t
brusel street along with a young woman. >> the chief of police reports actions of his officers after they shot and killed a man. the 22-year-old died thursday morning after a confrontation with police at apartments. the chief will not say what banta had a weapon. >> they don't happen in walnut creek often at all. we're safe community. and that particular, this particular incident was confined to that one apartment. no police officer wants to shoot and kill anyone. and if the tragic incident we all wish hadn't happened but it did. >> banta worked in a salon. coming up we'll talk to his co-workers who say he was a kind person, they cannot understand yes was killed. >> stale head on abc 7 news at 4:00 barns and noble gets a big investment in e reader autos staying on storm watch. here is another live doppler 7 hd. the storm moving into the bay area right now. next is the accu-weather forecast. >> plus, muni celebrates a big birth day with free rides for everybody. but riders are still not happy. >> a sobriety check point being set up to crack down on drunk drivers. however, a silicon va
were affected by this increase as possible. moving down that path is the right course of action for us. >> after meeting with boehner yesterday, the president sweetened his offer including $1.2 trillion in tax increases down from the offer of $1.6 trillion. extending tax cuts for every american earning less than0oñ $400,000 a year, instead of $250,000. limiting amount of cost of living increases for social security recipients and a two year extension on the debt ceiling. >> the president has come halfway, republicans have come about this far. so we're close. the president demonstrated his reasonableness. >> but boehner says that is not quite the balance republicans are looking for. >> i made it clear to the president boy put a trillion dollars of revenue on the table. if you're willing to put spending reductions on the table. >> some house republicans grumbled because they're opposedwm any tax increases. >> justice department announced it's dropping its investigation into whether stress stalked a romantic rival online. a lawyer said no federal charges will be brought related to quote
to their statements. >> customers not required to take any action. current card holders will receive a credit on their j% receive checks in the mail or have outstanding balances reduced. refunds should arrive bit end of march at the latest. >> would be nice to have that now. >> yes. exactly. >> go shopping. >> coming up a snacking discovery could help your kids stay fit, ahead. >> also, researchers discovered best workouts to help you drop those pounds. >> i'm sandhya pat yes. live look from our mount tamalpais camera. clear skies, chill in the air by morning. i'll have temperatures for tomorrow plus a look at when the next rain will arrive, coming up. >> a live look at traffic this, is the view from emeryville back towards mcarthur maze there. it's bumper to bumper left to right heading east towards berkeley and on the right side of the screen making a turn towards san francisco. towards san francisco. slow you know how much grandma wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you
. firefighters went into action and threw him a rope and pulled him to the bank. it took about ten minutes, the victim struggling to stay afloat. a ladder was brought in and man eventually climbed out to safety. firefighters say with the water so high, there was really no time to wait. >> might not been able to get to him with all the debris they can get injured on and it's a bad place to be any time. >> reporter: the firefighter said the man was in good spirits and possibly intoxicated. he was taken to a hospital as a precaution. he said he judged into the river because it seemed like a fun thing to do. luckily he is safe tonight and he is thanking firefighters for rescuing him. >> carolyn: terrific ending to that one. in east bay, downed trees and mudslides prompted road closures. crews are
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9